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Connecting the global ocean technology community.

Connecting The Ocean Technology & Science Community Across The Americas

At Oi we celebrate the diversity of the worlds waterways and oceans, the aquatic life that exists in these spaces and the opportunity that the worlds water offers us. In the same way we embrace a multitudinous  community who are passionate and curious about exploring, protecting and sustainably operating in the world’s oceans and waterways. The ocean technology and science community; those that exhibit, attend, partner and deliver the shows, are as varied as the worlds waters we work in. Everyone is welcome to dive in and make the experience of the event richer, and wholly inclusive.

Welcome to Oceanology International Americas 2023, the forum where ocean industry, academia and government connects to discover innovative solutions, from the ocean technology and marine science communities, to improve strategies for exploring, protecting and sustainably operating in the world's oceans and waterways. 

We are hugely excited to return to San Diego, bringing together ocean professionals, facilitating ocean connections and showcasing the world's best ocean innovation and technology.

After a hiatus of 4 years, 2 of which were Covid related we are now seeing a surge in demand for face to face events in the sector, the ocean tech’ and science community love to meet, network and see the latest innovations live. OiA23 will fulfil the needs of the sector across the Americas. It’s the market place for The New Blue Economy, it represents a huge opportunity for the sector to discover, learn and connect with new suppliers, new customers and engage with the community,  at an emotional and commercial level. 

What to Expect

As Oceanology International Americas continues to develop we are introducing and enhancing a number of features that will enable you to create better connections, forge new partnerships and networks across multiple ocean sectors across the whole of the Americas and the Asia Pacific region.

The market that OiA creates draws attendees from the USA. Uk, Mexico, Canada, the wider Southern Americas, Africa and Asia. OiA23 is a catalyst for innovators from Aquaculture, O&G, maritime security, ICT, Uncrewed vessels, robotics, cameras, sensors… the goes on. 


Main Exhibition

Located in the San Diego Convention Centre, with access to water the main exhibition is set to deliver 200 exhibitors from across the sector delivering against visitors interests.

  • AUVs
  • Acoustics
  • Oceanography 
  • ROVs
  • Robotics
  • Ocean Observation
  • Marine Survey
  • Data Acquisition / Management
  • Sensors
  • Submarines
  • Submersible 
  • Bathymetric survey
  • Sonar & Systems
  • Cameras
  • Underwater
  • Communications
  • Marine Engineering
  • Remote Sensing
  • USVs
  • Marine Biology

Deep Dive Conferences

The Oi portfolio has an enviable reputation for hosting speakers who hold top tier positions in academia, government, scientific and commercial organisations. We bring together these people and their  knowledge so you can walk away from the event having been armed with the latest insights and information. 

 Future Tech Hub

Looking to the future of how we use, research and operate in a sustainable way is a core pillar of OIA23, and the Future Tech Hub is an incubator of innovation and bright thinking. Populated by start-ups who have developed or are developing new solutions to old and new challenges; this is place to exhibit and visit as we draw together those who are revolutionizing the way we work now and in the future.  Businesses will be giving daily ‘pitch sessions’ to promote solutions and services never shown before at Oceanology International Americas before. This is the launch pad for the future. Be part of it. 

Get Social

Oceanology International Americas attendees can attend a range of events hosted by our exhibitors during the show. Some events are free and for others, you may need to register in advance for. Our own OceanSocial Bar and Catering is open every day to encourage networking and serve as a meeting point.

NEW for 2023: Town Halls

Your business is top of our list of priorities, we’re in the business of building business; its this that drives us forward to offer you even more opportunities to connect, share and discover new solutions and new thinking. We’re developing  a number of Townhall programmes to provide exhibitors, US Government and the Navy with more opportunity to interact, drive partnerships, and boost innovation and collaboration.

NEW for 2023 Blue Tech Clusters

Currently in development we are working to bring the leading Blue Tech Clusters together so you can share, meet and discuss the latest topics, issues and challenges the sectors face.

On water demonstrations

OiA23 is located in the San Diego Convention Centre right on the waterfront in downtown San Diego, steps from the bustling Gaslamp District. The event benefits hugely from its location as it enables exhibitors to demonstrate their USVs and ROV’s on their natural habitat.. The water. Add to the fact the weather will be great and it offers everyone a fantastic opportunity to scrutinise the vehicles at length safe in the knowledge the weather wont get in the way. 

Thinking about exhibiting?

Promote your company’s innovative products and services by taking your place on the platform for progress.

What do visitors gain?

Discover new technology, meet industry leaders and grow your business capabilities all under one roof.