About us

Connecting the global ocean technology community.

The industry's meeting place

Oceanology International Americas is the sectors meeting place, a place to reaffirm connections and form new business relationships. We want this to be a catalyst for innovation so bring your ideas and set the stage for progress in 2023.

We connect manufacturers and users of ocean technology with a complete spectrum of scientific, government and industrial stakeholders, technologists and engineers all in the one location. These connections can unlock the innovations necessary to meet the needs of the next 50 years, enabling collaboration, problem-solving, and long-term holistic strategies for exploring, harvesting and protecting the oceans.

We need technologies to discover resources and create jobs and energy while continuing to regulate climate and support biodiversity. Litter and pollution, over-fishing and loss of habitats are problems we are currently facing in the industry, and here at Oi Americas we want to find new ways to tackle these threats moving forward. 

To keep in the loop with all industry news from our exhibitors and see what's to come in our conference programme, have a read of our blog Inside Oi.

Great attendees and exhibit. Awesome opportunity to show potential customers and current customers new products as well as discuss new opportunities. We also loved the new lead generation app.

William Mildon
Hydro Group Systems Inc.

This is the right place to be if you're looking to get involved in the development of marine and ocean technology.

Francesca Faverio

A powerful opportunity to learn from innovators both within and without the ocean community.

Justin Manley
Just Innovation

Oceanology International is an important event for us to connect with existing customers and demonstrate new capabilities to the industry, both on the show floor and in the technical sessions at the conference.

Richard Mills
Kongsberg Maritime

Where is it?

Situated on the sunny Californian coast, San Diego is a hub for the blue economy in the Americas. It is an ideal location for you to discover the best technology and research in the industry, all against a backdrop of green and blue. Calling itself ‘America’s Finest City’ is not a modest statement, but with its successes in innovative technology, green practices, smart public planning, and its high quality of life, San Diego is right to boast.   

The History of Oi

Oi Americas launched in February 2017 at the San Diego Convention Centre, California. But this isn’t where our history begins…

Our story began in 1969 on the south coast of Britain, at the iconic seaside city of Brighton. The event launched with the intention to ride the “wave of progress” in the ocean industry, something we’ve strived towards for over 50 years.

Over time the Oi portfolio has established itself globally with events in London, China, the Americas and the Middle East. Today we continue to hold our name as the leading global event for marine science and the ocean technology community, presenting a unique opportunity for you to meet, network, negotiate and conduct business.

Thinking about exhibiting?

Promote your company’s innovative products and services by taking your place on the platform for progress.

What do visitors gain?

Discover new technology, meet industry leaders and grow your business capabilities all under one roof.