OiA Admissions Policy


  • Only pre-registered visitors who are badge holders, visitors who register onsite, and exhibitors who are badge holders will be able to attend the Event.
    Onsite Registration


  • Admission is open to professional and business visitors and exhibitors who are involved in or have a direct connection or interest in the subject area of the Event or associated industries or organisations. Visitors and exhibitors should be dressed in suitable business wear.

Data Sharing

  • By choosing to allow their badge to be scanned by an exhibitor or sponsor during the Event, visitors will be allowing the Organisers to provide their name and contact details to the exhibitor or sponsor, who may be outside of the European Economic Area and who may contact them about their products or services in accordance with their privacy policies.
  • By choosing to attend any session in our seminar theatres, visitors will have their badge scanned at entry and their name and contact details will be shared by the Organisers with the seminar host/exhibitor, sponsor and/or speaker who may be outside of the European Economic Area, who may contact them about their products or services in relation to such session in accordance with their privacy policies.

Badge Security

  • Badge holders must not allow their badges to be worn by anyone else.  Any failure is likely to lead to the badge holder and the person wearing the badge being removed from the Event.
  • Anyone obtaining a badge by theft, deception or other illegal means will likely be asked to leave the Event.
    Identity Check
  • Anyone attending the Event should carry and produce on request of the Organisers a personal photo-ID (e.g., passport, photo-ID driving licence, national identity card) or other identification acceptable to the Organisers.

Age Limits

  • No one under the age of 16 will be able to attend the Event without the prior written approval of the Organisers. Visitors attending with children under the age of 16 will be responsible for their children and will be asked to put their mobile number on a wristband to be worn by the child.

Service Animals

  • With the exception of guide dogs or other service animals, no pets or animals of any description will be allowed into the Event.
  • Anyone attending the Event must not take part in any canvassing, leafleting, demonstrations, objectionable behaviour or wear offensive apparel or be involved in any activity which may disrupt the Event.
  • Press badges at the Event are restricted to publishers, editors, journalists, photographers, broadcasters and web bloggers associated with the  industry. Members of the press may be required to complete an application form and produce accreditation in the form of a photocopy of a recognised press or media card, business card, NUJ card, a letter from the editor or an official web address linking to a press release in order to verify their position. Press applications from advertising personnel and media sales representatives will not be accepted.

Photography and Recording

  • Official photographers and film crew will be taking photographs and recording and/or streaming videos at the Event. Each attendee authorises such photography and recording and permits  the Organisers to use the attendee’s image, likeness and voice for archival and promotional purposes in any and all media, without liability, compensation or credit to the attendee.
  • No visitor to the Event may take photographs or make any form of recording (including audio or video) on any media at the Event under any circumstances without the prior written permission of the Organisers.

Reservation of Rights

  • The Organisers reserve the right to exclude or remove anyone from the Event and the venue who does not comply with this policy or who they reasonably consider is likely to break these rules or who is prohibited from attending under any applicable sanctions, laws or regulations, or otherwise at the Organisers’ discretion.

Service, Safety and Security at our Events

The safety and security of our staff and attendees is our priority. We work closely with the venue, local and national authorities to identify risks, assess them and develop security plans for our events.

Everyone attending our events should be aware that the following are in place:

  • Customer Service staff may approach you to assist you outside, at entry or inside the event
  • Staff and attendees are required to wear ID badges provided
  • Bag checks are in operation at our events
  • Walkthrough or hand held scanners may be in operation at our events
  • CCTV in operation at our events is monitored and recorded
  • Uniformed and covert Security Guards are in attendance at our events
  • Uniformed and covert Police are in attendance at some of our events
  • Canine Security and Detection is in operation at some of our events

Everyone attending our events is requested to:

  • Keep personal property with you at all times and do not leave any items unattended
  • Report anything that looks unusual, suspicious or just out of place to a member of event staff
  • Remain patient and courteous with event staff undertaking security checks.
  • Follow the instructions of event staff at all times
  • On their final visit to the event, dispose of their badge inside the event or when they’ve returned home, not in bins immediately outside the event.

If you have any feedback or questions about event security, please contact [email protected]

Conference Delegate Terms and Conditions


  • The Oceanology International Americas Conference which takes place on 14th to 16th February 2023 as part of the Oceanology International Americas in San Diego.(the Conference) is organised and managed by Reed Exhibitions Limited (company number 00678540) whose registered office is at Gateway House, 28 The Quadrant, Richmond-upon-Thames, Surrey, TW9 1DN (the Organiser).
  • References to “us” mean the Organiser and references to “we” and “our” shall be interpreted accordingly. References to “you” mean the delegate completing a booking request for the Conference and references to “your” shall be interpreted accordingly.
  • All requests to register for the Conference are made subject to these Terms and Conditions and are subject to availability.

Delegate Fees, Booking and Refunds

  • Delegate fees for attending the Conference and any relevant workshops and seminars are set out on the registration booking form or can be obtained from the Conference website or on request from the Organiser.
  • To attend the Conference, full advance payment of the delegate fee is required from the delegate immediately and shall be paid by credit or debit card.
  • Notice confirming your place on the Conference together with a receipt will be sent to you by the Organiser by email within two (2) working days of the Organiser’s receipt of your booking request.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to cancel any booking to attend the Conference without giving reasons.
  • In the event that individual Conference sessions, workshops or seminars exceed capacity, places will be offered on a first come, first served basis.
  • Delegate passes/badges issued for use at the Conference are only valid for the named delegate and, subject to clause 2.7 below, cannot be transferred. The Organiser may request to be shown photographic identification of delegates during the Conference. If you cannot provide photographic identification matching your pass you may be asked to leave the Conference.
  • No refunds will be given if a delegate to the Conference cancels their booking or fails to attend the Conference.
  • From time to time the Organiser may issue promotional codes for the Conference. Promotional codes may only be applied at the time you make a booking request. Organiser will not retrospectively apply promotional codes after a booking request is made and shall under no circumstances agree to part refund a booking should you later wish to apply a promotional code.
  • The use of such promotional codes may have terms and conditions, or eligibility requirements attached. Applying promotional codes shall be completely at the Organiser’s discretion.
  • All delegates shall comply with the Admissions Policy set out at Admissions policy (oceanologyinternationalamericas.com) and with all regulations imposed by the Organiser or the venue or the local or national government in the region or country of the venue, especially regulations concerning health & safety and/or restrictions or limitations arising out of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Conference Content

  • The Organiser reserves the right at any time to change the content, speakers, timing and venue of the Conference. Please refer to the online programme for the most up to date location and listings for the Conference: https://www.oceanologyinternationalamericas.com/en-gb/conference.html#/sessions.
  • All rights in all presentations, materials and documentation published or otherwise made available as part of the Conference (Content) are owned by the Organiser or are included with the permission of the owner of the rights. No (i) photography, filming or recording; or (ii) republication, broadcast or other dissemination of the Content is permitted. You shall not distribute, reproduce, modify, store, transfer or in any other way use any of the Content (save that use by the relevant delegate for internal business purposes shall be permitted), and in particular (but without limitation) you shall not:
    • upload any Content onto any website, intranet or shared system or include any Content in a database;
    • transmit, re-circulate or otherwise make available any Content to any third party;
    • use the Content in any way that might infringe third party rights or that may bring us or any of our affiliates into disrepute; or
    • make any commercial use of the Content.
  • To the extent that any Content is published online by the Organiser, the Organiser reserves the right to remove or suspend access to such Content at any time.
  • The Organiser is not responsible for the Content of any speaker’s presentation: such Content is the opinion of the speaker and not that of the Organiser.

Data Protection and Privacy

  • By registering for the Conference you are consenting, under all relevant data protection legislation, to the Organiser communicating with you by telephone, fax, email, SMS, social marketing and post and using your personal or company information for the following purposes:
    • the Organiser’s internal purposes which will include accounts processing and internal analysis of delegates;
    • publishing delegates’ company names on the Conference website, in the official catalogue for the Conference and/or in any other directory relating to the Conference or relevant industry, in each case whether in print, electronically or in any other media;
    • inviting you to other events organised by the Organiser or its group;
    • disclosure of information to contractors who provide services in respect of the Conference; and
    • disclosure or transfer to members of the Organiser’s group worldwide to allow the group to further develop its business and services to delegates.
  • Please contact us at if you do not wish for your personal or company information to be used in any of the ways mentioned above. Customer service form (oceanologyinternationalamericas.com).
  • Please refer to our online privacy policy for further information: https://privacy.reedexpo.com/en-gb.html?epslanguage=en.


  • To the extent permitted by law, the Organiser’s aggregate liability to you, whether such liability arises in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, for any damages, loss, costs, claims or expenses of any kind howsoever arising, out of or in connection with any Conference booking (or requested Conference booking) made by you or otherwise in relation to the Conference, shall be limited to the amount of the delegate fee.
  • The Organiser will not be liable under contract, tort or for breach of statutory duty or otherwise with reference to any matter arising directly or indirectly out of or related to any Conference booking (or requested Conference booking) made by a delegate or otherwise in relation to the Conference, for any indirect, consequential, incidental or punitive loss, damage or liability or for loss of profits, loss of business, loss of use, loss of data and loss of reputation
  • You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Organiser and members of the Organiser’s group, its affiliates and their officers, directors, employees agents and affiliates from all damages, liabilities and expenses (and all legal costs including reasonable attorneys’ fees, court costs, expenses and settlements resulting from any action or claim) arising out of, connected with or resulting in any way from any act or omissions by you or your negligence during or otherwise in relation to the Conference.
  • Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall limit or exclude either party’s liability for death or personal injury caused by its/their respective negligence.

Compliance with Laws

  • You agree to comply with all applicable laws concerning bribery, corruption and related matters in connection with these Terms and Conditions and the Conference.
  • You shall not offer or accept any financial or other advantage as an inducement or reward for any act or forbearance in connection with business transacted in relation to the Conference or to these Terms and Conditions.


  • These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
  • No partnership, agency, joint venture or employee/employer relationship is intended or created between us as a result of these Terms and Conditions.
  • These Terms and Conditions (together with any agreements or documents referred to herein or required to be entered into pursuant to these Terms and Conditions) embody the entire agreement between us and supersede all previous agreements and arrangements. No warranty, statement, representation, undertaking or provision which may have been made or given prior to the date hereof shall be binding on the parties unless the same shall have been expressly incorporated herein, save that this shall not affect the parties rights in respect of any fraudulent misrepresentation.
  • Save as set out in clause 2.6  above, you are not permitted to transfer, assign, re-sell or otherwise dispose of any of your rights or obligations arising under these Terms and Conditions.
  • Organiser may amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice. Any such modification will become effective immediately upon posting of these terms and conditions on our website. 

First issued: 8th November 2022

Organisers: Reed Exhibitions Limited, Gateway House, 28 The Quadrant, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1DN, United Kingdom