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    The Future Tech Hub, which was run in association with Just Innovation, showcased the latest innovative products from new-to-market technologists in a series of presentations and networking sessions. Scroll down to see who took part and to learn about the products that were presented at the show.

  • Apium makes swarming technology available to autonomous vehicle manufacturers. We have tools for a streamlined, low-risk integration process that can put swarming on your vehicles and make management of large fleets as easy as managing a single vehicle.


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    Thayer Mahan is driving a shift in maritime strategy much like our namesake, Alfred Thayer Mahan, did in the 20th century.  We provide cost-effective, scalable, long dwell, autonomous solutions for acoustic search, electronic monitoring, and seabed mapping.  We offer integrated systems and turn-key services to deliver capability at a fraction of the cost of traditional manned systems. 


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  • Igloo Innovations is a product development and engineering services group known for our creative approach to new problems.  Our latest creation, the SeaHawk line of flying submersibles spans from workhorse vehicles that can land on water and deploy a payload for inspection and sampling operations to a cross-domain vehicle capable of transitioning seamlessly from air to underwater operation with full wireless control… Because drones can do more than fly.



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    Think Sensor Research (TSR) is a Canadian company developing and manufacturing sonar system, underwater navigation systems and systems solutions for the energy, transportation, security and scientific markets.  Our systems are designed for challenging underwater applications ranging from underwater structure imaging and monitoring to underwater vehicle navigation systems. In addition to our sonar and navigation systems, TSR can provide complete long term underwater system solutions such as underwater harbour monitoring and underwater structure monitoring.


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  • BlueLink, LLC is a factory distribution/representation company focused on supporting the subsea scientific, military, aquaculture, petroleum & hydro industries. BlueLink, LLC also provides custom integrated ROV solutions and has developed products to improve upon existing ROV systems.  The link between the customer and the correct product(s) is our highest priority. Whether it's a phone call or an email, you will receive a quick response from BlueLink to ensure your interests are promptly addressed.


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    Loggerhead Instruments designs and manufactures tools for scientists to study our natural world. We pioneered underwater acoustic dataloggers to become the industry standard. Most recently we developed high speed motion dataloggers to study animal behavior in unprecedented detail. Our goal is to help you do science with reliable, innovative tools and unparalleled expert support.


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  • Dolphin Modem is a technology company specializing in the design and development of equipment for reliable acoustic communication in difficult ocean environments.  Utilizing the latest signal processing hardware and algorithms DolphinModem.com creates solutions at the peak of the technology curve.  Our products are designed to interface to a wide variety of equipment and includes powerful interfaces to tools such as MATLAB™ and Python.  Our products are designed to be extremely power efficient for long battery deployments. 

    At DolphinModem.com we specialize in solving the most challenging problems, creating solutions that originate with complex signal processing mathematics and models, hardware design meeting the most demanding requirements (size, power, cost), to efficient implementation and test on that hardware. Our dolphin series of modems are ready to be OEM’d into your companies ocean application such as UAVs, environmental measurement, ocean monitoring and security, etc. 


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    As the copper and copper alloy specialist at the top of the world league, we provide support for our customer’s success from many locations and continents – backed by a reliable, flexible supply network and the best services of unvarying quality. In response to the global challenges of our time, we design our products, services, and technologies to provide sustainable and innovative solutions.

    With 200 years of tradition Wieland is one of the world’s leading copper and copper alloys producer. With Wieland BlueSea® brass we developed a new alloy material for the use in the marine environment, designed for the special needs of the aquaculture business. Our Wieland BlueSea® mesh and netting products helping the aquaculture industry to optimize the production with traditional net cage systems and enable the aquaculture industry to move offshore into harsh environmental conditions.


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  • Whether you’re conducting subsea research, assembling underwater infrastructure, or drilling below the seabed, the success of your offshore enterprise relies on precise, durable equipment. DECK Marine Systems equips professionals in the marine industries with rugged, cost-effective instrument deployment units (IDUs) that optimize your ability to survey, navigate, and utilize underwater terrain. Our IDUs withstand a corrosive aquatic environment, weather severe storms, and provide a secure platform for your most sensitive acoustic positioning systems.


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    Blueprint Lab is an Australian company specialising in the development of robotics for the subsea industry. Our Reach System robotic manipulators are a capability multiplier for inspection class subsea vehicles and enable operations in complex and confined spaces. This includes the articulation of probes to monitor the corrosion of maritime infrastructure, and UIED intervention for the military.


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  • DiveNET is a new generation of miniature wireless hydroacoustic solutions built around a common, patent-pending technological platform. The DiveNET series features groundbreaking, accessible and rapidly evolving capabilities aimed to empower SCUBA and robotic underwater exploration with new levels of performance, safety and cost-effectiveness.


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    DBV Technology and Sonatech have formed a strategic business partnership to jointly develop new products and technical solutions for existing and new customers.  The partnership will take full advantage of the unique engineering and manufacturing skills, capabilities and experience of each company. We’ll be providing a brief overview of each company, including existing products, technologies and capabilities as well as showcasing some examples of new product offerings. These include RISER, RNS, and Underwater GPS among others.



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