Technical Tracks – Call for Abstracts

Abstracts are invited for topics across the innovation chain; from sensors, vessels, instruments and platforms, data communications, data management and data analysis, to the uses of these technologies in support of scientific research, offshore oil and gas and renewable ocean energy, fisheries and aquaculture, mining, coastal management and resilience,  defense and security, ships and shipping, survey, site investigation, site characterization, structural monitoring, environmental monitoring  and regulatory compliance.

Scientists, technologists and engineers engaged in the ocean technology innovation chain, and those concerned with application of technologies in support of scientific understanding of the ocean, the use of the ocean and ocean resources and protection of the marine and coastal environment are invited to submit abstracts to the OI Americas 2023 conference program covering one or more of the following topics: 

Sensors and Instruments

This topic focusses on new developments in all types of sensors and instruments intended for ocean applications.  It encompasses sensors and instruments used for observation and measurement of ocean physical, chemical and biological characteristics; subsea imaging and remote sensing, ocean hydrographic geophysical and geotechnical survey; surface and subsurface navigation and positioning, the monitoring of surface and subsurface infrastructure and in support of subsea intervention and repair. 

Vessels, Vehicles and Platforms

This topic covers innovative developments of vessels, vehicles, and platforms, including specialist vessels, buoys, autonomous and other unmanned and robotic systems.  It includes aspects such as reliability, efficiency and energy management as well as systems integration and concepts of operation.

Data Communications

This topic includes all aspects of data communications in the ocean environment.  It encompasses surface and subsurface radio, acoustic and optical communications technologies, satellite communications, data security aspects and the development of standards and protocols.

Data Management

This topic focusses on in situ and remote sensed data management technologies, tools and standards.   It includes aspects such as EDGE computing, cloud based data management, GIS and database tools and the development of standards for data security, data storage, interoperability and accessibility.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

This topic will consider the latest developments in the application of AI, machine leaning and data analytics on platforms and in data repositories, as well as advances in modeling and data visualization techniques. 

End-use Case Studies

This topic is focused on case studies of the application of ocean science and technology across all end-uses including support of scientific research; conventional and renewable ocean energy, fisheries and aquaculture, marine mining, coastal management and resilience,  defense and security, ships and shipping, survey, site investigation, site characterization, structural monitoring, environmental monitoring  and regulatory compliance.


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