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Dr. Ralph Rayner, Conference Chairman

Ralph is a Professorial Research Fellow in the Department of Statistics at LSE as well as holding a position with The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  He is a fellow of the Institute for Marine Engineering, Science and Technology, the Society for Underwater Technology, the Marine technology Society, the Royal Meteorological Society and the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

Technical Tracks – Call for Abstracts

Abstracts are invited for topics across the innovation chain; from sensors, vessels, instruments and platforms, data communications, data management and data analysis, to the uses of these technologies in support of scientific research, offshore oil and gas and renewable ocean energy, fisheries and aquaculture, mining, coastal management and resilience,  defense and security, ships and shipping, survey, site investigation, site characterization, structural monitoring, environmental monitoring  and regulatory compliance.

Scientists, technologists and engineers engaged in the ocean technology innovation chain, and those concerned with application of technologies in support of scientific understanding of the ocean, the use of the ocean and ocean resources and protection of the marine and coastal environment are invited to submit abstracts to the OI Americas 2023 conference program covering one or more of the following topics: 

This conference track will look at the latest advancements in scientific methodology and applied technology for asset management in offshore oil and gas, renewables and aquaculture industries.

This conference track will showcase industry advancements in the field of data interpretation and AI to explore their benefit and potential impact to marine science and ocean technologies with special consideration for analytics, autonomous vehicles and imaging recognition. This track will also consider the latest developments of ocean data communications, the application of big data analytics, machine learning and advanced visualisation techniques.

This conference track will focus on offshore site investigation including data collection, processing and analysis techniques used in mapping and pre-engineering studies of the offshore environment to understand the physical nature of the seabed and sub-seabed.

This track will focus purely on the push towards the projects and technology that aim to reduce carbon emissions in the offshore industry.

This conference track will focus on tools and techniques to address oil and chemical spills and other forms of marine pollution, including plastics and other debris. It will include consideration of understanding and mitigating large scale environmental changes associated with climate change, such as ocean acidification.

This conference track will look at the latest techniques and technologies for navigation and positioning on and below the sea surface.  

This conference track will deep dive into new technologies enabling the expansion of aquaculture including advanced sensors, drones, remote monitoring, installation, maintenance and more.

This conference track will explore the latest developments in measurement techniques and instrumentation for monitoring of ocean and atmospheric physics, chemistry, biology, and genomics as well as associated advances in analytical techniques and modelling.

This conference track will focus on innovative developments and applications in marine autonomous systems, including Robotics, AUVs, ROVs and ASVs.

This topic is focused on case studies of the application of ocean science and technology across all end-uses including support of scientific research; conventional and renewable ocean energy, fisheries and aquaculture, marine mining, coastal management and resilience,  defense and security, ships and shipping, survey, site investigation, site characterization, structural monitoring, environmental monitoring  and regulatory compliance.

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